Texture And Wardrobe Staples

I’ve talked extensively about the importance of neutral, staple wardrobe items to be found in every bougie girl’s closet. I’ve got an item to add to your list!

A black skirt.

Now, I won’t get specific about the cut or texture you should purchase. I think every woman needs to find the shape and textile that works best for her complexion and body type.

Over Christmas I purchased this little black skater skirt from H&M for $25. It’s surprisingly sturdy and well made for a fast fashion buy! I love how the silhouette is casual and flirty but still structured and that it can be dressed up for a dinner party or date night. (Here are a few similar skirts H&M has available on their website.)

The key when styling a neutral or otherwise flat or boring piece is combining it with items that have a very different texture or color.

For this casual look I paired the simple skirt with a chambray top from Forever21 and my favorite orange fringe from Melie Bianco. I love the juxtaposition of the black cotton with the thick texture of the denim top.

So, bougie ladies. Invest in a black skirt. Find the silhouette that fits you best and pair it with bold and colorful textiles and textures!