HOW TO: Create A Vision Board

Numerous business leaders have discussed the usefulness of creating vision boards — a technique used to bring focus to one’s goals by providing a visual reminder of the path that will lead to success. A vision board is more than a to-do list; it is a check-and-balance between aspirations and attributes you have within yourself that make up a dream, and how these desires and qualities can be channeled and visualized in the real world and ultimately become a reality — a goal successfully met.

Creating a vision board is simple. Keep it simple. The first thing you need is a physical base, which can be as simple as a sheet of paper or “map” you can roll up, or as elaborate as a piece of driftwood (basically anything flat-ish that you have lying around at home). Grab that stack of magazines you keep in the bathroom and a pair of scissors for embellishment. Feel free also to snatch up any other craft supplies you may have lying around: mod-podge, markers, embroidery thread, glue sticks, etc. (There is no reason you need to buy anything to create your board.)


Before you begin constructing, you may need a piece of notebook paper to jot down some ideas. Fix your thoughts on the change you are looking for and imagine what that change would actually look like in your life. If you are looking to start your career, think about what that career would look like — are you helping people? Are you outside? What activities are important for you to participate in on a daily basis? Same goes for if you want to earn more money — what do you want to do with it? What value does the process of earning the money hold for you? Would you most like to be creative, independent, or plug into a challenging system? The answers to these questions are going to be the images and words you choose to place on your vision board.

Don’t feel restrained. Be open minded, even abstract if you like, but if direct is what you respond to, plot out concrete action steps. This is a project just for you. If you are cringing over the idea of being crafty, get techy instead. Join Pinterest and create a secret board that is just for you. Pin images from all over the web that reflect your vision for the next year. When your board has been created, spend regularly allotted time looking at your board to realign your perspective, and remember what it is that you are working so hard for.