Worth The Splurge? bareMinerals Matte Powder Foundation

I don’t mean to keep bringing up my less than flawless skin, but I thought I’d share a recent splurge that has significantly helped cover up the constellation of blemishes that have taken over my face.

I had been hearing great things about bareMinerals products for years, but could never bring myself to make the investment. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

While on a date with my husband I just had to peruse Sephora, and I started talking to one of the lovely sales associates there. I told her about a few of my issues and she recommended the bareMinerals Matte Powder Foundation. She color matched me to the shade “fair,” and once she applied it to my inflamed, red skin, I was sold.

I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and I have to say, I’m hooked! Now, at Sephora this product will run you about $25, but I have since found it on Amazon for $18.

I’m not one of those girls who likes a ton of coverage. I like that this is a very light powder that can be used sparingly for less coverage, but is completely buildable for a completely done up face.

As a broke but bougie girl, I totally agree that this is pretty expensive for a foundation. But the more I deal with temperamental skin, the more I’m learning that there are certain products that are worth the investment. The drug store foundation I had previously been using was only exacerbating the problems I had been having.

Because I splurged on this item, I’ve tightened my wallet in other areas to make up for it. I think it’s all about balance and investing in items that will actually make a difference in helping you look your bougie-est! So, for me, this one is definitely worth the splurge.