Easy Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

What is dirty hair, anyway? Being someone who doesn’t wash her hair every day (and I know this is common for women) I sort of just *know* when it’s dirty and time to wash it. But for those glorious days of showering without the hassle of shampooing, hairstyles can be a challenge.

If you don’t know the power and awesomeness of dry shampoo, definitely check it out. Dry shampoos not only absorb some oils and odors, but also plump up volume at the root area. To apply, lean over and spray at the roots. Brush through hair to disperse the product and help soak up those oils. Now you can get started on these easy peasy, (down and) dirty hairstyles:

From the experts

“My take on hairstyles when you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days is braids, braids, braids,” says Jasmine Anna Galazka, stylist at Oscar Blandi Salon on Madison Avenue in NYC. “Natural oils in the hair definitely help to keep the fly-aways down, and a braid never looks as good as it does when done on dirty hair!” She explains that dirtier hair has a much higher tendency to mat up and tangle, and braids are a great way to keep hair contained and tangle free. Personally, I love braids. They’re a great way to dress up an outfit for the evening look, and perfect for a casual and laid back look as well.

Nina Briese, lead stylist of Dallas-based salon Osgood-O’Neil, loves the sock bun as another great easy-to-do hairstyle. While you shouldn’t sport it every day, it’s the perfect alternative to a ponytail. Achieve the look in four simple steps:

  1. Put your hair in a regular ponytail

  2. Place a sock with the toes cut off over the ponytail

  3. Loosely wrap the hair around the sock.

  4. Use hairpins to secure the hair

Products to use

Sleek ponytails are always in vogue. Use Eufora’s Beautifying Serum on your hair to help calm frizz for the ultimate sleep look. Run the serum throughout your locks to create shine. A good tip for measuring where the ponytail should be is to start by placing your thumb at the hairline and form an L-shape with your pointer finger. Place pointer finger down on hair — where it lands is an ideal spot for a sleek, high pony. That’s it!

For ladies with short hair, spike it with pomade or rock it smooth with a cute headband or some sparkly hair accessories. International Artistic Director for Color Therapy at Keratin Complex, Deb Gavin likes to do a deep side part and comb everything but the front area tightly back. She uses hairspray to secure a tight “slicked back” look and then back-combs the front to create a bit of volume.

Zlata’s Thoughts

Messy buns are actually my personal go-to for dirty AND clean hair. On the weekends, who has time to get their hair situation straightened out before running errands? Just twist your hair into a ponytail, put the outlying hairs in place and take out a few strands to create a feminine and sexy look. Be mindful, though: if you’re looking to wear your hair down later, you might have some hair-tie indents.

Hey, when all else fails, put a beanie on it and get on with your day.