The Little Things That Make A Home

Living in Southern California isn’t cheap. From rent, to gas, to food, you definitely pay for more than the sunshine here in this part of the country.

Since getting married, my husband and I have lived in two rented abodes that were/are far from cavernous. Our first place was a one bedroom walk up in the San Diego’s…urban…part of town. It was a great first place, but let’s just say I’m glad we were able to move to a more quiet, suburban area.

One thing I’ve learned about living in small spaces with a limited budget for furnishing and decorating is that it is the little things that make a rented space feel like a home.

Like $12 fuzzy throws and snuggly puppies.

Or pictures of the places you’ve been with the one you love. Maybe even a few scented candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to come home to.

Or an overflowing bookshelf filled with stories that transport you all over the world.

It’s the little, personal touches that make a rented space a home. As cute as they are, perfectly designed rooms aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.