Eyeshadow Secrets

When making up your face, skipping foundation and concealer is forgivable, but eyeshadow and mascara? Not so much. Eyes are definitely the first thing most people notice, so they have to make a statement. And we’re not talking the same kind of statement that’s made on the runway of a fashion show. That type of makeup application is a true art form, requiring time, dedication, skill and lots (and lots) of beauty products.

We chatted with the experts and are bringing their recommendations (and our fave products!) for a simpler application with runway-type results straight to you:

Celebrity makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez tells Broke But Bougie that the biggest trend coming to the runways this season is monochromatic. “Color is overall very subtle,” says Rodriguez, “but the main focus seems to be about using one tone, mainly in the shades of brown or nude on the lids with soft hints of gold.” To finish the look, combine with similar tones of blush and lip color. This look can be subtle, demure, or dramatic, but overall is quite easy to achieve with minimal effort.



James Kiliardos for Nars

The classic smokey eye is definitely here to stay, but trending now is the simultaneous use of a bright color on top of it. BH Cosmetics has seen an increase in sales for their blues, purples, greens and metallic shimmery colors.


We’re also loving Osmosis Colour Cosmetics for the metallic shimmery colors. Their Osmosis Colour Water Color Mineral Eyeshadows feature loose pigments to amplify eyes with a bold, wet look finish that won’t crease or fade. (Don’t you hate that?!) They’re infused with goji berry and green tea, which hydrates and protects the eyelids.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics offer eyeshadows that are longwear and designed to offer a vibrant color with superior quality. We love them! Eyeshadow trends have a lot to do with the shape at which you apply it; the sideways “V” shape is always the most popular. Here’s how it’s done: Apply a highlighter shade to the browbone and inner corner, following with a darker shade on the eyelid. Finish with the darkest shade in the crease, applying this shade using the sideways “V”. Make sure to apply the darkest shadow along the crease and blend it from the outer corner inward.

Remember, artists are only as good as the brushes they use. Our pick comes from the Elaina Badro collection. Her newly launched 15-piece cosmetic brush collection has received rave reviews from many of her peers including Denika Bedrossian (makeup artist to Miley Cyrus and Adam Levine) and Rob Scheppy (makeup artist to the Kardashians). Other celeb fans include Carrie Underwood, Christian Milian, Mika Newton and Lindsay Shaw.