Round Up: Inexpensive Ideas For Your Apartment Patio or Balcony

Apartment patios and balconies can be more than just storage for your bicycle or barbecue. They can be fantastic extensions to your living space: gardens, reading corners, even office spaces. The cost of accomplishing this can even be light on the pocket book. After all, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a space that you don’t own and may not live in for very long.

  • Pick a use: Think about what you would ideally want to use your patio/balcony for. Perhaps you’d like to be able to work more in the fresh air. Choose a comfortable chair or bench seat to lounge in and a sturdy tray table to rest your laptop on.  Reading space? Hit up your neighborhood thrift store for a rocking chair or something more mod to curl up in.

  • Add drapes: This is an easy way to create a space that is both private and whimsical. Ikea has some inexpensive sheer drapes that cost under $10 a pair. Panel curtains can add pops of color. Think Moroccan!

  • Add a rug: As long as you aren’t watering plants or regularly receiving rain on deck, adding a rug is a cozy way to extend your living space. No need to don slippers, just walk out onto your balcony and sit back to enjoy the fresh air. Ikea, HomeGoods, and are great places to find small rugs on a budget.

  • Keep the mosquitos away: You’ll never want to come out on your patio if biting bugs are an issue in your neighborhood. Set the mood and scatter those bugs at the same time by lighting several citronella candles in DIY tin can candle holders. You can also shoo insects away by including potted citronella, horsemint, or catnip plants as part of a patio garden.

  • Storage: have rustic fruit crates starting at $18 that make interesting containers for your plants, barbeque supplies, or magazines.


Don’t let your patio or balcony go to waste. It may not be a great big lawn but at least you don’t have to do yard work!