Buffalo Exchangin’

Every three months or so, I feel the walls of my closet closing in and a deep desire to get rid of unused and unworn items. My favorite place to take clothing that I no longer wear is Buffalo Exchange. Here, you can sell your unused items to the store and receive a percentage back in cash, or you can take a percentage in store credit.

This past week I took a few items, mostly shoes and a few tops, to the store. I decided that although I could drop a lot of money simply shopping at the store, I would use only the amount that I received in store credit to purchase new items.

After the sweet girl at the Hillcrest Buffalo Exchange went through my items, she informed me that I had $47.50 in store credit. Score! This girl can do a lot with $47.50!

Here are the items I was able to snag for my store credit.

I love a good cable knit sweater. I was able to find this one from Quicksilver for $14. I love neutral pieces that have simple details — like the four buttons down the side on this piece.

Guys! This shirt has never been worn! A brand new color blocked Banana Republic t-shirt for $11?! You’re coming home with me!

My name is Bridget and I have a weakness for flats and bright shoes. This pair of Steve Maddens’ tics both of those boxes — and only $16!

I can’t turn down stud earrings or an adorable long necklace with a microphone. Can you say hipster?

Want to see if there’s a Buffalo Exchange near you? Click here! Have you shopped there recently? Show me what you snagged — Tweet me @brokebutbougie.