DIY Makeup Series #2

Here are the next recipes in my DIY Makeup Series! Click here for a full list of ingredients.


Makes: 3 tubes

Time: 10 minutes + 3 hour setting time, or overnight


1.5 tsp. grated beeswax

3 tsp. shea butter

1.5 tsp. cocoa butter

4 tsp. coconut oil

2  tsp. Australian Red Reef clay

10 drops essential oil


In a clean glass jar sitting in a few inches of simmering water, melt together all the ingredients. Mix well until all ingredients are melted and smooth, stirring vigorously with a fork or mini whisk. Pour out the liquid mixture into your tube, and let set for a few hours before use; overnight works best.


Candid Notes: This recipe was originally found on a British website, so I had to convert the “grams” into teaspoons for those of us who are not handy with the metric system. I found the Australian Red Reef clay from a seller in New York and in all honesty, it looked brighter on the computer screen than when it arrived in a clear Ziploc bag. I had expected a deep, bright crimson and instead was delivered a burnt adobe. Thank goodness my olive skin allows for darker colors, and the color does settle into a rich red once applied and blotted. Overall this product was absolutely thrilling! The ingredients were simple to assemble and melted quickly, though the setting the time did take longer than the chapstick/ lipstick #1. The texture is smooth, and melts instantly on contact so that the application pressure should be very light.  You’ll probably have to smooth out the color once applied, but this is a DEFINITE keeper!


Makes: 1 4-oz jar

Time: 5 minutes



3 Tbsp. coconut oil

3 Tbsp. arrowroot powder

1-2 Tbsp baking soda

Essential oil, optional


Mix all the ingredients together, mashing with a fork. Go slowly so as not to make a mess with the fine arrowroot powder. Apply with fingertips.


Candid Notes: I have been using homemade deodorant for years, and this recipe is better than anything store-bought I’ve ever tried. In high school when the breast cancer scare linked to antiperspirants and aluminum in deodorants broke out, my mom embarked on a crusade to go au-naturale. We tried wetted Crystal, Tom’s of Maine, and other varieties that promised to fend off odor the natural way. Needless to say, this route was vastly disappointing and to be quite frank, just plain embarrassing. To be clear, I do not have overwhelming body odor, nor profusely sweating armpits (it’s the palms and feet that get me), but I still use deodorant as a hygienic necessity. Depending on your own level of odor, you can adjust the baking soda quantities, and if you get wet without much smell, add some more arrowroot powder, which is a cornstarch substitute.  A warning, however…if you’re like me with sensitive armpits (especially after shaving!) I’d wait at least 10-15 minutes or splash on some cold water after the shower to close the pores. Otherwise, you’ll be waving your arms around trying to cope with the sting of the baking soda. Because of the coconut oil, the deodorant may solidify in colder temperatures. Don’t panic, just scrape out some and hold it to your skin for a few seconds to let it melt on. Feel free to add whichever essential oils you want. My favorite is tea tree or lemon. I tried lavender and cedar wood (for the guys), but they didn’t have quite the same pleasing aromas when mixed with the coconut oil, so experiment and customize!