Spring Cleaning: Where To Donate Those Old Items

I love purging; it gives me a thrill.  I clean out my closet and drawers every season, but this spring I have more than just clothes to get rid of.  I try to live using the “less is more” approach when I accumulate things. I try very hard to purchase things with function and ask myself, “Do I need this?” Spring rolls around and it turns out that I didn’t need it as much as I thought I would, so out it goes.  Someone else’s treasure.

I try to be conscious about helping others, being environmentally friendly, and healthy. So when I clean out my apartment, each item gets the question, “Can I donate it?”  Some things are just too used up, so they are forced to be recycled or tossed out.  But often they can be donated, and here are just a handful of places that can help you do that:

  • Skooltopia is an amazing website where community members can offer their services and business for the benefit of local San Diego schools. Recently they have started a resale option for all your unwanted wares. You can designate 10-100% of the sale of your item to the school of your choice.

  • Amvets has an easy online pick-up request service that lets you schedule your donation pick-up to be at your convenience.

  • Dress For Success is a terrific organization that helps disadvantaged women by providing them career tools and attire. Donate unwanted handbags and interview-appropriate clothing, including blazers, coats, shoes, suits, etc.

  • The Princess Project alternatively accepts your donated party frocks, jewelry, and fancy clutches that will ultimately go to teens who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a prom dress.

  • For the rest of it, pile it in a box and trek it over to the nearest Goodwill donation site.

Sometimes I do feel badly about getting rid of something, especially if there is some kind of sentimental value to it, but donating the things I no longer have space or use for to organizations that put them to good use makes it a big win.