Timeless Vintage Waves Tutorial

Vintage waves are the perfect go-to hairstyle when getting dressed for a dinner party, date night out, or evening event. This hairstyle is timeless and looks great on everyone! Give this easy tutorial a whirl next time you’re planning a night out.

You will need: Mirror, comb, soft bristle wave brush, hair spray, heat protectant spray, argan oil, and, of course, a curling iron!


*Side note: in this tutorial I’m using my Enzo Milano curling wand with no clamp; however, both traditional curler and wand work just fine.

Step One: Begin with air dried hair. Part your hair using a comb, preferably creating a deep part. Now, evenly spray heat protectant all throughout your hair (got to protect those locks!).

Step Two: Begin curling hair, making sure that you are curling towards your face. Spray lightly with hairspray as you go along. After some time, your hair will resemble Shirley Temple ringlets. Leave the curls in place while you finish curling the remainder of your hair.


Step Three: Once all of your hair is curled and has completely cooled down from using the hot iron, take just a few tiny drops of argan oil and spread throughout your hair. This just adds that extra boost of shine!


Step Four: Using your soft bristle wave brush, brush out your curls, thus creating classy waves!


Step Five: To finish it off, set your hair with hair spray. Feel free to use styling wax to set any stubborn flyaway hair. And voilà, your look is complete!