A Summer Wedding Look

I am going to four weddings this summer. That’s a lot of dresses that would probably be worn only once. But this summer, I’m taking a different approach — renting!  StyleLend is like the original Netflix, but for dresses. You go on the site, find a dress or dresses that you like, wear them for a week, then send them back!

I love this service because it allows me to sport designer dresses without shelling out loads of cash, and not feel guilty for wearing them only once!

I recently rented this adorable shift dress. It is a loose fitting number that I think is perfect for those warm outdoor weddings. Plus, I can eat all the delicious hors d’oeuvres I want and not feel like I’m going to explode out of my dress!


I played off the mod vibe by accessorizing with some sunnies with a slight cat eye, as well as a simple wedge from Target and a brown clutch from Forever 21.