Spring Bucket List

Spring is probably my favorite season here in San Diego. This short but sweet bucket list was inspired by time back in high school spent with my best friends. Summer will be here before we know it, so grab your best girlfriends and without further ado, check off these 15 things to help you dive right into spring!

1.  Visit a museum.  Here in the heart of San Diego we have tons of interesting museums that are begging to be visited. Stop by local museums in your area and take advantage of learning something new!

2.  Ride your bike.  I used to love riding my bike around my neighborhood. My older sister and I would ride to our best friend’s house, or seriously spend hours riding around, taking pictures and enjoying some fresh air.

3.  Visit the lake.  We have a few teeny tiny lakes here in San Diego. Some of the lakes have rowboats that you can rent for like $10!  Pack a lunch and take a boat out on the lake.

4.  Purchase some cute, strappy sandals.  Ok, this is a must. Every spring/summer season would not be complete without a pair of go-to sandals. Target and Old Navy have super cute and affordable sandals right now…check them out!

5.  Watch the sunset while drawing with sidewalk chalk.  This was probably my favorite past time with my friends! My BFFs and I would sit out on the driveway and have ultimate girl time while watching the sun go down.

6.  Go to your local park and use the swings!  This was yet another favorite past time of mine. Swings are always fun no matter how old you are!

7.  Go to a baseball game.  Baseball games scream spring & summer. Take advantage of this beautiful weather and watch your MLB team! If you’re a local San Diegan, head over to Petco Park to see the Padres in action.


8.  Dance party.  I mean, it’s always a good idea for a dance party regardless of the season!

9.  Indulge in something, anything, mint colored.  Mint. The color of spring. Need I say more?

10. Ice Cream social while watching Now and Then.  If you haven’t seen Now and Then, you need to first buy some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, then rent the movie and watch it with your best friends. ASAP.

11. Paint your nails.  White, pastel, coral, anything bright and cheery!

12. Lay out and read.  Spring weather is always promising. It’s not too hot, not too cold…it’s the ultimate temperature to lay out and read a good book!

13. Go on a night hike.  Last year around this time I went on a night hike with some friends. We wore head flashlights and ventured out on a pretty cool trail! We made it to the top just in time to snap some pictures and see the sunset. On our way down, our handy flashlights gave us enough light to make it back.

14. Blast your favorite T-Swift song and go on a drive.  I personally like Taylor Swift’s older songs. Pump up the jams and take a nice, scenic drive.

15. Bake.  Baking always makes me happy. End your beautiful spring day by baking something sweet!