Spring Decor Round Up

Like most twenty-something women, one of my favorite things to do online is scan Pinterest for hours, looking at all the ways I will perfectly decorate my future home. Because we are renting our current residence, I can’t implement half the decorating ideas I’d like to, but it’s still fun to look!

With spring here and summer just around the corner, I recently was scanning Pinterest for simple ways to spring-ify our condo. Below is a roundup of a few of my favorite ideas. These are just simple, non-invasive ways to brighten your space. Enjoy!

Zest Up Your Vases


Image from Home and Event Styling

Some of my favorite vases have been purchased at various thrift stores. I love the idea of changing out the contents every few months to reflect the current season. You can find faux citrus fruit at the Dollar Store! The perfect pop of color for any mantle or kitchen table.

Spring Textures


This one is more for inspiration than implementation. (While I do love a good printed wallpaper, I don’t think our landlords would be too pleased with us for giving it a whirl.) I just love the contrast of textures and colors in this image. Don’t be afraid to be bold when decorating, ladies!

A Little Burlap and A Printer


Image from The Turquoise Home

It’s amazing what you can do with a printer and some burlap. The Turquoise Home offers free downloads of various words and spring imagery that you can frame and strategically place around your home. I also love how this woman added the little robin’s egg nest. Adorbs!

A Collage Of Glass


Like vases, I love hunting thrift stores and flea markets for various aged bottles and other glass to use in our decor. Line them up on a mantle, fill with your favorite spring flowers and voila! You’re basically Martha Stewart now.

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