3 Newly Discovered Uses For Coconut Oil

I’m a lady on a budget, which means I keep my beauty regime very simple.  It’s no secret that coconut oil has multiple uses and can be incorporated into a lady’s beauty routine.  Recently, I’ve tried it out in ways I haven’t before, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

Moisturizer.  A good facial moisturizer can get real pricey real fast.  When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to use more natural ingredients on my skin and body.  The coconut oil was in the bathroom, so I rubbed just a tad onto my face before I applied my makeup.  I used just a touch so it didn’t leave my face heavy, and my skin soaked up the oil quickly.  It didn’t make my face oily throughout the day, either, like one might think.


Anti-frizz serum.  Usually, coconut oil is used as a hair mask, but I thought I’d experiment a bit further with this magical product.  My hair is really fine and incredibly frizzy at times.  My best hair days are the days when it isn’t freshly washed.  I applied a tad of coconut oil to my wet hair, putting very little on the part area.  I added a little more to the ends.  The oil left my hair lighter, shinier, and the ends looking healthier.

Lotion.  Again, one would think using oil would leave your skin heavy.  (And it will, if you use a lot.)  Remember, it is oil — a little goes a really long way!  It just takes a bit of time to rub it all in.  I started using coconut oil on my legs and stomach during pregnancy.  I had incredibly dry skin throughout my entire pregnancy, and this white stuff has been a godsend.  I’ve heard people using it to prevent stretch marks, as well.  I’ve put it on my stomach regularly during these last 9 months, and I don’t have any stretch marks.  However, I will say I think that’s due more to staying well-hydrated and having some good genes passed on to me.  A little added moisture, though, never hurts.