What Cleaning Out My Refrigerator Taught Me About Life

If you haven’t heard, here in Southern California we’ve recently been struggling with oppressive heat as well as wildfires. Between the hot conditions and the heavy smoke in the air, we’ve been staying inside…a lot. This has given me the perfect opportunity to do various organizational and spring cleaning projects around the house that I’ve been putting off.

I started with the refrigerator. Now, I should probably say here that I love cleaning. Actually, to clarify, I love having cleaned. I find it incredibly cathartic to take something that is dirty or disorganized and turn it into a slick and functioning part of my house.

I won’t get too philosophical here, but as I was scraping crusted leftovers off shelves and determining if the milk really had gone sour, I realized that this whole experience was a bit of a metaphor.

Life is messy. It’s dirty and maybe even a little crusty sometimes. Many times we look at the mess that is our lives and can do nothing but shut the door and pretend that it doesn’t exist for awhile. But just as our refrigerators reach a point of utter repulsiveness and must be cleaned out and reorganized, so too we have to open ourselves up and deal with our messes and emotionally “crusted” bits. Whether it’s sour feelings we’ve got toward old friends or just feeling rotten about our prospects in general, sometimes we all have to buck up, clear things out, and start fresh.  Once a change for the better has been made, we’ll be so glad we got it done!