4 Types Of Coffee Drinkers

As you’re grabbing your morning Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean or home brew, have you ever stopped to wonder at how you drink that “cuppa’ joe?” Sure, we know why it seems to be a universal indulgence: the taste, the caffeine, the comfort of routine. But next time you down the perfectly roasted bean and hot water blend, take a minute to discover what your sipping technique says about YOU!

*Disclaimer: This is not a horoscope or personality box. You are who you choose to be. This is simply meant as a tool for reflection and self-knowledge. You can be a mix of “sipper” types depending on the time of day, life stressor, and social community.

1) Small Steady Sips: Probably disciplined and diligent while possessing an inner calm, it seems you enjoy your life at a constant pace. You are cautious and rational with a detailed scope on life. Most likely focused, you may also be able to multitask and sip while you talk or type. The ability to be real and intimate with people is a gift, but don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and go on your own adventure once in awhile. Consider an “espresso-lift” and trade in that drawn-out relief for a burst of zeal. Break the mold!

2) Large Loud Gulps: You must grasp life at the reins, and hold on tight for the ride. You are ready for new opportunities and “drink up” life’s experiences with passion.  Be sure to stay aware of others around you in this wild flight. Just as you can infringe on personal “audio space” in public places, too much consumption can inhibit on your body’s communication with you. Make sure you’re not medicating an unaddressed insecurity in your desire to move forward. Keep your aim straight and feed that energy, but stop once in awhile to take a breath and look at all you’ve been able to accomplish already!

3) Unfinished Waste: Goodness knows your intention was good!  And you gave a noble pursuit of that liquid gold, but as your milky brown grows tepid ask yourself: why couldn’t I finish? As a recovering Waster, I too often rebuked myself for pouring more than I knew my temperamental stomach could hold. Perhaps your mug was too big, either from your own ambition or social pressure. Do you routinely bite off more than you can chew and let other commitments flounder? Honesty and Humility will be your best friends. Rome wasn’t built in a day…but it was finished!

4) Cold Abandonment: Ponder a few things if you find yourself admitting to abandonment. Did you really want that coffee in the first place? Was it wishful thinking, or blatant apathy in routine? Or perhaps you really wanted the drink but were so absorbed in your work that it was utterly forgotten. Be mindful of the wasted money and resources. Don’t neglect your own needs and even the few wants that will make you happy and prosper. Re-evaluate your days and practice intentionality!