Stepping Outside Your Style Comfort Zone

Sometimes we get stuck in trends and what we like.  Skinnys are the only jeans we own because that’s what’s deemed as “in,” and flare jeans belong with our dusty Polaroids from the ’80s.

It’s because of this that I love the idea of having a shopping buddy who may not share the same tastes — an outside pair of eyes that can look at my figure and assess what colors and cuts look best on me.

This can be a friend, paid professional, husband, etc.

I’ve been challenged to step outside my style comfort zone by none other than my husband.  My husband is a weirdly good shopping partner.  He grew up in a house full of women, all of whom competed in pageants, had various events to dress for, and all had different styles.

Due to some health issues over the years, my weight has fluctuated dramatically.  When, late in college, my weight finally became regulated, I flocked toward all the clothing that would make me feel the smallest — that meant skinnys, bodycon dresses, etc.  I may (pre-pregnancy) be petite, but I still have hips — that’s just how I’m built.  I never wore pants that embraced this feature until one day when I was doing some Christmas shopping with my husband.  He spotted a pair of Levi flares and, knowing the extent of my skinnys wardrobe, suggested I try them on.  I was hesitant but thought, why not.  These babies embraced my figure and accentuated my features.  Ironically, this was the pair of jeans I was always getting compliments on.

Next time you go shopping, take a trusted buddy. Have him/her suggest a couple pieces that he/she thinks would look good on you (and do the same for them).  You may be surprised at all the looks/colors/cuts you can look great in!