Marquette Fashion Recap

I recently took a ten day trip with my husband to visit his family and celebrate his sister’s wedding in Marquette, Michigan. If you aren’t familiar with the geographic location of this picturesque town, it’s basically as far north as Canada and experiences more than several months of chilly temperatures.

Needless to say, my SoCal self was a little worried about what to pack for this particular excursion. A few days before leaving, my mother-in-law mentioned that there were still “icebergs” floating on Lake Superior!

While I will say I was a bit chilly at times on the trip (I’m a total California girl now, I’m afraid), I think my packing strategy was successful and I was completely comfortable in each of the pieces I brought.

Here are a couple of highlights!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 6.08.28 PM

I am completely in love with this $12 romper from Forever 21. I love that it’s practically an entire outfit in one piece and is the perfect base on which to layer and accessorize. To stay warm, I threw on this simple shrug that goes with absolutely everything!

If you haven’t noticed, my strategy for this trip was light layers. While it was chilly, when the sun came out I found myself shedding jackets and sweaters. Plus, I caught a nice lake breeze coming through my uber distressed American Eagle boyfriend jeans.

Closing thought? When traveling, it’s always best to bring layers. Not only do they give you lots of options, they will also keep you warm when you need to be and cool when you can’t take the heat anymore.

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