DIY Watch Display

I was having problem. (Don’t worry, it was definitely an uptown problem.) I couldn’t figure out how to store and display my watches in my bedroom. I wanted to keep them nice and away from other jewelry to ensure they didn’t become cracked or tangled up with other accessories.

Here’s a simple and cost effective DIY that I think turned out pretty well!

You will need:

A plastic or thick toilet paper tube

Spray paint of your color choice

Fabric of your choice

Rope or chain of your choice

A hot glue gun

What you do:

Start by spray painting the plastic tube. Allow it to dry in a well ventilated area for at least thirty minutes.

Once the tube is dry, start wrapping fabric around the tube, securing it with hot glue. I went around the tube several times to achieve a pillowy type surface for the watches. Run a string or chain through the tube’s center, and place your watches on the finished display. Hang it wherever you like!

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