Aperol Prosecco Aperitif

Summer in San Diego is a wonderful time for entertaining friends and family. Whether it’s a dinner party or poolside lunch, the Aperol Prosecco Aperitif is a refreshing and bubbly drink to stir up appetites in the sizzling weather.

A Northern Italian cocktail, the bright orange spritz is a delightful choice to serve your guests and is light on the alcohol.

You will need:

a bottle of Prosecco


sparkling water

orange slices


Ready wine glasses with ice before pouring 3 ounces Prosecco, 1-2 ounces Aperol, and a splash of sparkling water. Mix. I like to float a thinly sliced circle of orange on top, but a wedge over the lip of the glass is completely acceptable as well.

Bon aperitif!


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