Summer Reflections

Growing up, summer was the best time of year. It was the season I celebrated and looked forward to the most. I was out of school, had all the time in the world to play outside with friends, and could have sleepovers on weeknights. Now that I am a working adult, it’s hard to truly celebrate the summer when I have the same schedule that I have every other time of year.

With the 4th of July being celebrated tomorrow, I was reflecting on the fact that now, as an adult, it’s really the holidays that are the occasions I look forward to. I’m typically with family or friends on holidays, there’s no set schedule, and I have a reason to just breathe and be thankful for anything and everything that makes my life truly blessed.

But as much as I look forward to the holidays now and take those times to be grateful and thankful for my life, I’m learning that there’s no reason to even need a holiday to celebrate life and thank the Lord for all of the good He’s given me.

Happy 4th of July.

Stay bougie!

Photos by Chely Ruvalcaba