The Bi-Monthly Product Cleanse

Partly because I’m a blogger, and partly because I’m a sucker for trying new products and potions, I find that my medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers tend to fill up quickly with the latest night cream or hair mask.

I don’t like clutter.

I honestly find it difficult to function if my home is a cluttered mess. This hatred of clutter combined with my ever expanding collection of products, causes me to have (at least) a bi-monthly clutter cleansing party in my bathroom.

I start by asking myself, “Have I used this in the last week?” If the answer is no, and the product hasn’t expired, I will move it to my guest bathroom where it can be used by those who stay with us, or I will give it to a friend who can make better use of it. If the answer is yes, I will set it aside until I’ve sorted through the rest of the cabinet before putting it back in an organized manner.


A frequent cleanse helps me to see the products I actually use and (usually) stops me from making unnecessary or impulse buys. This process keeps a bit more dinero in my pocket and my bathroom cabinet looking like a bougie hotel, rather than that of a beauty product hoarder.