Recent Thrifted Finds

I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my favorite places to shop at is Buffalo Exchange. I went there recently to trade in a few items that were in good condition, but that I no longer wore.

I made sure to spend only as much as I’d received in trade amount. Here’s what I picked up!



Obviously, the doves are what caught my eye. My husband said it looks like a magic costume. Whatever the case, it’s a little different and thought it would look great with a bright pair of summer shorts or even tucked into simple flared skirt.



This might look a little weird — the 90s high neckline and such. To be honest, the main reason I purchased it was because it reminded me of going to Italy with my family. But hey, I can channel my inner 90s kid and with a great pair of boyfriend jeans, I look like a regular thrifty hipster!



I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of moccasins for a while now. There’s something so approachably hippie that I love about the style. It was between this and a brown pair. I opted for the black as they were hardly used, and I thought black would be versatile and stay looking cleaner longer.

Have you found any gems while thrifting recently? Have a great weekend!