I’ve spoken many times about my skin care struggles. Between having pale skin, the elements, and hormonal changes, finding a routine that can keep my skin clear has been a small battle.

Just like you can find inspiration from other people for fashion or makeup looks, I think you can pull inspiration from other women for your skincare regime as well. One such person that I look to for skin-spiration, is the hilarious and gifted actress Emma Stone. Like me, she is fair skinned and keeps her beauty regimen really simple.

The actress was quoted saying that she uses baking soda as her go-to exfoliant. Compared to many celebs who use products with price tags well into triple digits, this was refreshing!


If you haven’t tried using this cost effective little gem, baking soda granules can be used mixed with water as a mildly abrasive exfoliant. It strips away the dead skin on the top layer without any harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Emma also mentioned that she uses coconut oil for her hair masks. Not only have I tried this and loved it, coconut oil is also great as a cuticle oil as well as a facial moisturizer.

Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t splurge every now and then on a higher end mask or toner. I love supplementing my basic skin care routine with products like the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask to really clear out my pores a few times a week. But because the rest of my routine is pretty simple and cost effective, I can treat myself a few nights a week to a higher end treatment without completely blowing my monthly cosmetics budget.

Thank you, Emma, for providing broke but bougie girls like me cost effective skin-spiration! Check out more tips and tricks for glowing skin here!

Who do you look to for skin-spiration?