Lush-ious Hair Mask

When it comes to beauty treatments, Lush is typically my go to company. Every time I go into one of their stores, I walk out with something new to try and have yet to be disappointed!

On a recent trip, I purchased their Roots hair treatment. It’s full of mint and olive oil to strengthen hair from roots to ends. I have fine hair, so anything that promises to make it look and feel fuller and stronger is my kind of hair treatment!

It smells really fresh, and when applied to the scalp gives a tingly sensation (which I love!).

I’ve been using the mask two or three times a week, and started noticing a difference after two applications.

The tub costs about $20 but will last you at least a couple months. I’m going on three months and still have several treatments left!

I guess I’m officially hooked on this hair mask! Thanks, Lush!