Hair Styles I’m Afraid To Try

I like to think I’ve been pretty adventurous with my hair choices over the years. I started dyeing my hair when I was ten and since then it’s been red, black with blonde highlights, brown with blue highlights and almost every color in between.

But when it comes to the cut, I’m a little less adventurous. Partly (or completely) because I have a deceptively large forehead, I tend to only cut my hair in ways that include a full bang. A girl can still dream though, right?

Here are a few hairstyles I will probably never be bold enough to try:

The Pixie

It takes some serious confidence to rock a pixie cut. This cut definitely makes deciding how to wear your hair in the morning relatively simple. My fear? That I would decide to cut my hair like this, see how much of my forehead was exposed, then break down into a slobbering mess in the stylist’s chair. It’ll grow back, right?!

The AsymmetricalLook

Again, another bold look. My fear? That it would look like I accidentally cut my hair this way. I guess if you’re going to go bold, go really bold.

What are some styles you’re afraid to try?