Scenes From The Weekend

I know I seem to only document my lazy weekends, but honestly, they are truly some of my favorite days. Here are a few snapshots from my weekend.


I wish I could say I slaved over these homemade sweet rolls all Saturday morning. But, alas, they are from Trader Joe’s and were as laborious to make as turning on an oven. Hey, who said homemade can’t come from a can?!


Most of my weekend was spent practicing music for an upcoming production. (Blog post on this coming soon!) I also spent some quality time with my current read, 1984 by George Orwell. My husband and I like to sit out on our balcony in the evenings and discuss what we’ve been reading lately over a glass of red wine. I will say that this book has sparked some wonderful discussions. I highly recommend it!


I also took full advantage of Bath and Body Works’ 2 for $22, 3 wick candle sale this weekend. I regret nothing! Here’s a coupon! (Thanks, Melissa!)

What did you do this weekend?