Cheap Housewares I Can’t Live Without

We live in a rented home where drastic changes like painting or hanging lots of artwork are out of the question.

Here are a couple simple items I keep in our home that make the space feel less like an extended stay hotel and more like a place to call home.


I buy a few candles every month, typically from Home Goods. I keep each candle’s sticker price well under $10 and tend to burn them only at night. I love the warm ambiance they set and the various delicious scents that keep our home smelling inviting.

Throw Pillows

My husband laughed when I told him these would be included in this blog post. I’m not sure whether it came with domestic life or not, but there are few things I enjoy buying more for my home than an eclectic arrangement of throw pillows… that change with the season, of course!