Scenes From The Weekend

This was the last weekend at home for the next several weeks for my hubs and me.

I kicked it off with a bit of a fall fashion splurge.


Now, I say splurge, but I actually got quite the deal on these textured black booties from a brand called Apri at T.J.Maxx. They were originally $70, but I purchased them for $35! That’s my kind of splurge.


I’m pretty sure there’s been a picture of my dog Bartlett in every Scenes From The Weekend. He’s holding a rawhide chip and is not nice if you try to take it away from him. I swear he plays well with others…usually.


We had a large brunch at The Tractor Room Saturday morning, so we kept it light for dinner with a simple cheese board. This is honestly one of my favorite things to eat — let me know if you’d like me to do a post on how I assemble my favorite cheese boards!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Here’s to a great week ahead!