Drug Store Beauty Regimen

A few months ago, the only product that would keep my acne under control was Proactiv+. While this system did wonders for my skin, it was quite unkind to my wallet. As I started to run out of the Proactive line, I tried to wean my skin with more cost effective drug store products.

Now, my routine is done almost exclusively with drug store items.

When it comes to my skin, I do think there is something to be said for treating it well with high end products that contain the best ingredients. For me, I try to keep my day-to-day routine simple (and fairly cheap) so that I can splurge on higher end masks and treatments that flush out pores and brighten my skin. Since I only use those higher end products two or three times a week, they last longer and my wallet doesn’t mind the splurge.

Here are my current daily skin care products that can be found at most drug stores. I’ve also provided links to purchase the items online.


Aveeno Foaming Cleanser $9

Because I have acne prone and sensitive skin, I want a cleanser that is both gentle and effective at removing acne-causing dirt and oils. I’ve been really happy with this Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser from Aveeno. It doesn’t leave that tight feeling after use, and it smells light and fresh!

Neutrogena Toner $10

In the evenings after cleansing, I like to use a toner to balance my skin and get rid of any dirt or unwanted oils that my cleanser may have missed. Toners can be rather harsh, so I only use this at night after a long day of makeup wearing.

Cetaphil $9

I first heard about Cetaphil from my Dad, a plastic surgeon who offers chemical peels and other facial rejuvenation procedures. This moisturizer is light and has a really simple formula that won’t cause irritation or unwanted reactions with other products you might be using. I use a healthy amount of this product in the evening after cleansing.

Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer $12

Sun protection is the best thing you can do for your skin on a daily basis. I’ve really been enjoying this Calming Daily Moisturizer from Aveeno. It does a great job moisturizing my skin without making it greasy. It also has an SPF of 15 to protect my skin from harmful rays throughout the day!

What’s your daily skincare regimen? Let me know in the comments section or on Twitter @brokebutbougie.