Thoughts On The Blogging Thing

I started this blog because I love food and fashion and exploring those things with “the least possible cash offering” (with a splurge or two here and there).

I love making fashion videos that highlight my new favorite booties and trying out Pinterest recipes with less than five ingredients. I love sharing my travel vlogs and my grandmother’s sugar cookie recipes.

In the beginning, I enjoyed this blog simply as a creative outlet, and how much fun I had sharing new trends, eats, and musings with my friends and family.

Then it became my job. More people started reading and watching. Suddenly, coming up with blog post ideas was difficult, shooting a video was stressful, and I became crippled by thoughts of inadequacy and embarrassment. I’m not saying that I’m some internet celeb who can’t take the pressure. Far, far from it. But the thought of several hundred people reading my thoughts or scrutinizing the way I shape my eyebrows can sometimes stem the flow of creative energy and excitement.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m a pretty high strung individual offline, too. Just ask my chiropractor — she’ll tell you she’s never seen anyone with tighter shoulder and neck muscles. I can get worked up over silly things, worry over nothing, and take things a little too personally. A winning combo for an internet personality, right? Ah, jokes.

Sharing your passions anywhere can be nerve racking. Making a living sharing them with the darkest crevices of the internet can be utterly terrifying. But isn’t life in general pretty terrifying? I don’t know about you, but sometimes just getting out of bed to take on a full day can get the butterflies going in my stomach.

We all battle insecurities. We all suffer from feelings of inadequacy. That’s no reason to quit. Life is too short to be crippled by fear or anxiety. Don’t be scared because someone might think your hips are too big for those jeans or that girl from high school won’t like your music covers. Do you.

What do you love? Job or not. Don’t be afraid to share that God given talent with anyone who will listen.