How To: Stop A Meltdown

When confronted with a large project or life changing event, it is easy to be overwhelmed. We all strive for balance, peace, and some semblance of contentment, but chaos is simply a natural part of life. Although a challenge can sometimes feel like too much to handle, in the end it is well worth the extra effort to face it head on.

  • Breathe. Take 15 minutes of your morning to really focus on your breathing and clear out your head. If you have any negative thoughts, get them out on paper or in a journal so you can move on and start your day.

  • Make a thorough list of the tasks you need to get done and indicate which are the larger/more important tasks with a star or number system (1-4, 1 being the most important or urgent, 4 being the least). The comfort here is that if you have tasks written down, you won’t forget to do them and will also get the immediate reward of marking off tasks completed.

  • Tackle the most important tasks first. The ones that seem the most daunting are the ones that are going to continue to gnaw at you no matter how many number 4 tasks you get done. Face the fire and get the bigger tasks done first.

  • Ask for help. You can’t do everything all the time, so if you know the extra trip to the grocery store is going to eat at a crucial thirty minutes that could be better spent marking off a more important task, then ask if your roommate is willing to help you out and offer to return the favor in the future.

  • Power hour! Turn off the distractions and get as much done in one hour as possible. This means ignoring calls and text messages, but it’s only for an hour. They can wait, and so can you.

  • Don’t forget to eat. It’s easy to want to ignore your growling stomach, but skipping meals will only slow you down in the long run, make it harder to focus on tasks, and undoubtedly make you more irritable and emotional as well as prone to making mistakes.


And sometimes just taking a break to reward yourself is enough to reset your batteries. Life is always throwing challenges at us, and it will continue to do so. So after you face your challenging task and curb the meltdown, treat yourself to something that is just for you: a bath, an afternoon of reading in the park, or a refreshing cup of froyo.