Bathroom Inspiration

As previously stated, my husband and I live in a rented condo and will do so for at least a few more years.

One of our favorite things to do is plan our dream home. Everything from bedroom layouts to appliances, down to what shade of towels will be in our master bathroom — we’ve spent many a date night discussing our future family home.

Today, I thought I would share a few bathroom inspiration photos.

I take a bath pretty much every night. Bath time means the computer and other electronics have been retired for the day and I can relax, read a book, and mentally calm down before bed.

I love the sleek shape of this tub, and I like the idea of having a window close by to take in the evening breeze while soaking in a hot tub.

I love the idea of a walk in shower — no glass to clean!

Who doesn’t dream of his and hers sinks? I really like the rustic aesthetic of this one.

While we won’t actually be planning a dream home for quite some time, a girl can dream, right?