Scenes From The Weekend

Friday was date night. Food. Movie. Chill time. What more can a girl ask for after a long work week?

Tender Greens is one of my favorite fast casual eateries. I know what you’re thinking. Bridget, there aren’t any greens on your plate. To that I say, I can’t resist grilled veg and mashed potatoes. And their veg is absolutely delicious. I’ll go for the greens next time… maybe.

Another thing I can’t resist before a movie? Loading up on sour candies. Sour straws are my kryptonite. We saw Gone Girl. My husband and I both read the book and really enjoy David Fincher’s work. The movie is incredibly dark but if you enjoyed the book, I think you will enjoy the movie immensely.

My favorite part of date night? Lounging on the couch with my incredibly sweet husband and a glass of wine. The perfect ending to a relaxing evening.

What’s your favorite date night?