Fall Daisy Dress

For most people, fall weather is here! I’m the first to admit it can be rather tempting to throw everything out of the closet and start over with a fresh new seasonal wardrobe when those cooler temperatures finally arrive.

But that can get pricey. Quick.

I purchased this daisy print dress for a friend’s wedding this past summer. The print and cut of the dress were perfect for the summer occasion. To repurpose the dress for fall, I threw on a cream jumper to make it a bit more casual, as well as cozy, for cool days.

This floppy hat from Buffalo Exchange is perfect for SoCal fall. It captures the fall vibes without making me sweat like crazy.

I know, are you sick of seeing these booties yet? I still just can’t get enough — they go with everything!

How do you repurpose summer pieces for fall?