Skype Hauls

I like shopping. I love scoring deals and the way that I feel in a new dress. But, you know what I love more than just buying new shoes or a jacket on clearance? The chance to spend time with my mom, sisters, and friends. Shopping is truly a lady bonding experience.

I’ve mentioned before that my mom and sister live about 2,000 miles away from me. This makes for a less than traditional lady-bonding-shopping experience.

But even though we can’t shop together, we can share our recent scores on Skype! Nokia recently sent me their Lumia 635 for their #StyledByLumia campaign. I can just set it up and call my family on Skype!

Jeans – Articles of Society/ Nordstrom Rack

A quick Skype haul is the next best thing to actually getting to have a shopping date with some of my favorite ladies.

And because we all wear about the same size, we can show then tell each other what to bring to the next family get together or holiday — sharing is caring!

Sweater – American Eagle/ TJMaxx | Boots – Steve Madden/ Piper Lime 

Don’t let distance get in the way of having a shopping day with your closest girls. Just set up your phone and get to hauling!

How do you stay connected with friends who live far away?

This post is in collaboration with Nokia. They provided me with the phone. All opinions are my own.