Just Add A Layer

Cheap flowy tops can be a great jumping off point for a simple and chic outfit. And we’ve already discussed my love affair with plaids of all kinds.

Top – TJMaxx | Jeans – American Eagle

Simple tops like this fill the racks of some of my favorite shops like T.J.Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. To add a simple twist and a more layered fall look, I just threw on a flowy white tank.

I love the stacking jewelry trend. Mixing metal types and textures can really add a pop of sparkle to draw the attention back to your face.

Tank – Kohl’s | Boots – Steve Madden/ Piper Lime

Before heading out the door, I just add one more piece to make the look unique.

This watch doesn’t actually work, but for 50 cents it’s the perfect dainty accessory!