Luxurious Fall Beds

As we fling into fall, I can’t help but want to stay in bed every morning and cuddle up with as many pillows and bed fluff as I can muster before dashing to the cold bathroom for a shower. Here are a few styles to try this season for your own Comfort Cave.

1)  The Romantic English Cottage. Inspired by one of my favorite movies, “The Holiday” starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law, this look is warm and plump, like an old-fashioned nana. Think soft and full, but don’t worry too much about matching colors… it’s the floral patterns, solids, and small stripes that will make or break the style. Creams, reds, even cornflower blues will work as long as everything is well worn but also well-kept. Thrift stores and yard sales can be great places to find comforters (just wash them well in hot water first!). Bed skirts are totally appropriate and super easy to make using curtains, a pair of scissors, and some large safety pins. Warm lighting adds to the ambiance. Pillows should be plump and hold their shape, so try the down pillows from IKEA for an affordable choice.

English Cottage

2)  Indie-Hipster Vibes. Inspired by everyone I meet in LA looking to be cool, calm, and original, this is a good choice for young adults. Use cooler colors and 1-2 large, flat throw pillows. Grays, plums, camels, and neutrals with a pop of darker primary color work for this palette. As for designs, try a tasteful mix of block shapes and lines with more elegant patterns. Check out World Market, Target, Pier 1, and boutiques for woven textiles. Consider the Goodwill’s scarves and shawls for bed covers and curtains.  As a bonus, check out Habitat for Humanity for reclaimed wood for some DIY furniture projects.

Indie-Hipster Bedroom

3)  French Country Chic. Inspired by my all-consuming love for anything French, Provençal design can’t go far without linen. Pillage thrift stores and turn men’s linen shirts and women’s 80s house-dresses into fabulous pillows. Use only neutral colors with a few pastels, and try adding tasteful buttons to add charm. Quiet and repose is the motto of country living. Woven duvets, seersucker sheets, laces, and cottons all contribute to the airy, heavenly atmosphere. You can make some good bargains at flea markets and often find affordable hidden treasures at antique stores. Check out Craigslist for adaptable furniture, and even learn how to reupholster!

Rustic French Country

4)  Napa Valley Retreat. Inspired by my family in the greater North, luxury will dictate most of your choices for this plush design. Tidiness with certain abundance characterizes the bed, including its matching oversized pillows. Think “wines and vines” for your color palette: merlot, chardonnay, rosé, moss green, bark brown. Focus more on rich colors than textile choices if your budget is giving you doubts. Think monochromatic patterns that vary in hue and shade, rather than show off intricate designs. Often, Bed-in-a-Bag options at Walmart, Target, Ross, Home Goods, or department stores are the most economical for this look.

rustic napa bedroom