My Favorite Sneak-In Workout Moves

Many of us find we don’t always have a good block of time in which to work out, but we do have five or ten minutes here and there to sneak in a bit of toning.  Here are a handful of moves that I like do while I’m waiting for something to finish baking, while taking a breather at the office, on a phone call, or during some other brief pause I find myself in.

  • Squats: Do these standing in front of your desk chair, lightly touching the chair with your bum before rising again.  Kick them up by doing a plié squat to target your calf muscles, too.

  • Standing crunch and side bend: Introduced to these two moves watching Anna Renderer’s 10-minute Bikini Bootcamp. Super easy to slip in anywhere at any time, they are the first two moves in the video!

  • Wall push-ups: Nice little pop up for the heart rate, and all you need is a wall.

  • Toe-touches: Great way to stretch out those hammies and improve flexibility — a must if you are sitting often.

  • Suck in that tummy!  Be conscious throughout the day to hold in your stomach muscles (like you’re trying to touch your belly button to your spine), whether you are walking or just sitting around.