Make Up Remover Wipes: Are They Worth It?

I recently had a very intense conversation. With myself. In the drug store. In front of the makeup wipes.

I’ve purchased various cleansing and makeup removing wipes in the past because of friend and fellow blogger recommendations, as well as a general curiosity as to whether the hype is well founded.

But my intense conversation started when I really looked at the average price of these little packets of cleansing magic.

Honestly, they work. Most of the makeup wipes I’ve tried do a great job at removing my makeup and making my skin feel refreshed. But the thing is, for me, a clean, warm, wash cloth achieves the same effect (excluding waterproof mascara, etc.).

My intense conversation ended with the purchase of these sensitive skin wipes from Simple. I decided that I would only use them on late nights when getting to bed is more important than going through my entire cleansing routine.

I also always pick up a pack for when I’m traveling. They are a great way to refresh my skin before, during, and after a plane ride.

Verdict: Makeup wipes are a convenient alternative to wash clothes and towels. But if you’re on a limited cosmetics budget, I recommend only using when traveling or in a major rush. Warm wash clothes are cheap, reusable, and amazingly luxurious when warm.

If you are shopping for a pack of cleansing wipes, Simple is my favorite — especially if you have sensitive skin.