Finding Fall In Southern California

It was 70 degrees in San Diego today. I’m sorry — it is November, right? Just when I thought I could keep knee high boots in my weekly footwear rotation, the weather seems to think it’s June.

Now that I am well into my fifth year as a SoCal resident, I have come to expect summer temperatures well into the traditional fall season. Because it’s too warm for fuzzy coats, cute hats or gigantic throw blankets, I’ve come up with a few other ways to make my home feel like it’s fall even when the weather says otherwise.

Warm Scented Candles

This one may seem obvious, but I definitely make a conscious effort once September rolls around to only purchase candles that emit warm and festive scents. When the light starts to fade and the work day is done, you can bet that the candles are lit at my house. They also make movie nights feel more festive!

This is one of my all time favorite fall candles: “Bergamot Woods” from Bath and Body Works. “An aromatic woodsy blend, highlighted by bright bergamot, fresh lavender, and deep green cypress.”

Adding A Throw Blanket At The Foot Of The Bed

While it’s too warm to add a blanket layer most nights, I do like to add a wool or fleece blanket at the foot of my bed once it’s made. It adds another layer to my bedding which makes it seem more luxurious and inviting on “chilly” nights.

Bartlett enjoys this warm fleecy blanket too.

Changing Up My Morning Beverages

I’ve always been a coffee person, but recently I’ve found myself gravitating toward tea as a beverage of choice. There are so many flavor variations and combinations to be found in the tea aisle. When the fall rolls around I like to pick up flavors that suit the season a bit more. Tazo’s Sweet Cinnamon Spice Tea is caffeine free and lovely with a bit of steamed or frothed milk on top — the perfect fall evening night cap!