Making Old T-Shirts Fashionable

We all have a few old t-shirts that seem to only be good for lazy nights in or for dusting your house when you run out of Swiffers. Oh, wait — that’s just me!

But these ratty things can become completely fashionable layering pieces for any season!

I recently took an old black v-neck that is oversized, faded, and a little stretched out and made it into my new favorite top!

I trimmed a bit off the sleeves to make them easier to roll up, then I trimmed a bit diagonally off either side and made a slit up the front to tie into a small, eye catching knot.

I added a white tank top underneath to give it that layered feeling. My red leather jacket is a fall staple that makes any top look chic and runway ready!

And, of course, a statement necklace is always a great way to pull any look together and take your outfit from day to night with ease.