Five Color Combos You Must Try This Winter

It’s that time of year again. The season where we innately grab for the darkest clothes in our closet. We’ve all been guilty of it: dressing for weeks on end in a mix of black, black, and a not-so-frisky splash of gray. Fortunately, incorporating a little more color into your wardrobe may be easier than you think. Try a few of these color combinations this winter and breathe new life into your outfits!

Mint and Caramel

Why it works: Although it sounds like the newest seasonal latte at Starbucks, this color combination works surprisingly well for winter fashion. Pastels had a moment in 2014, which carried through to fall fashion and will continue through to 2015. What’s great about this mix of colors is that the caramel gives mint just enough edge to make it less “Easter-like” and more chic “winter-like.” Wear this combo by pairing caramel colored leather with a mint sweater or jacket, or vice versa.

Gray and Blush Pink

Why it works: Speaking of pastels, gray and blush pink are a reliable combination of colors that lend a softer approach to winter clothing. Using this combo is also a great way to repurpose pink spring pieces into your winter wardrobe: get that pink tulle skirt out and wear it with a chunky gray sweater! To keep it menswear-inspired, stick to lighter shades of both colors. Make it a sweeter and girly combo by pairing a more vibrant pink with gray.

Navy and Plum

Why it works: It still appeals to our attraction to dark winter colors, but this color combination is less stark than black. Although navy pairs well with other bright colors, it is particularly stunning in an analogous color scheme. Technically speaking, this means that navy, purple and plum are all colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Simply speaking, it means that these colors are naturally pleasing to our eyes. Try this color combo by donning a navy jacket and plum accessories, or finding prints that incorporate these colors together.

Black and Tan

Why it works: If you must wear black, then wear it with tan. It’s classic, chic, easy, and works every single time. Wearing an all black outfit? Put on a pair of tan boots. Dying to wear your black sweater? Put a tan blazer over it. The possibilities are endless for this color combo.

White and Cream

Why it works: Otherwise known as winter whites, these shades of warmer achromatic hues do well to brighten dull winter days. As with pastels, monochromatic whites had a big moment this year; the colors (or lack thereof) pair well together AND look good on everyone. If you plan to wear this color combo, be sure to pay special attention to what shapes work best for your body type. Play with sweater sizes, long jackets and different lengths of boots to get just the right combo. And don’t be afraid to sneak those summer white jeans back into your winter outfits!

Now go forth and be colorful this winter!

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