A Side Of Fall: Harvest Crostinis

When you say fall, I say apples!

Apples are a snacking staple in our house year round, but there’s something about a honeycrisp apple in the fall that simple can’t be topped.

Today’s #ASideOfFall recipe will be highlighting this delicious fruit. These harvest crostinis are great to bring to a potluck, serve as a Thanksgiving appetizer, or enjoy as a light lunch.

You will need:

1 honeycrisp apple

sourdough baguette, sliced

handful of green grapes

handful of almonds or pecans

goat cheese


What you do:

Slice your baguette to your liking and spread a bit of goat cheese on top. Toast in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

While your baguette is toasting, slice your grapes and apple into small pieces. Add the almonds or pecans and top with a bit of honey. Stir until the honey coats the mixture.

Once your baguette is toasted, top with the apple and grape mixture.