Scenes From The Weekend

We kicked off this past weekend with a trip to our local farmer’s market. Shopping in this environment is a welcome change of pace to the typical grocery haul. There were so many delicious fruits and vegetables, and these Carlsbad Strawberries are always a must.

One of our favorite snacks is almonds. This week we found a vendor with dozens of flavors to try. I’m all about the sweet flavors, but we ended up going with a savory spicy flavor to avoid added sugars in our snacking this week.

We took down our Christmas decorations this weekend and I thought fresh flowers would be a great way to bring life back into our little apartment that suddenly felt extremely bare once all of the garland and lights were down. The flowers from this vendor seem to last so much longer than those from the grocery store — and only $4 for a bouquet of purple wildflowers!

I rounded out Saturday by getting together with my former college roommates for our monthly articles club meeting. We discussed an article that explores that modern persons need to feel “busy” over a cheese board and chocolate raspberry cookies. These get togethers have quickly become my favorite monthly tradition.


Sunday morning was spent framing a gorgeous print from The Miracle Worker as well as a poster that was a closing gift from Disney that I received for being a part of the premiere of the new Hunchback of Notre Dame musical. Framing pictures can get really pricey, but thankfully Aaron Brothers was having their buy one get one for a penny sale! I was so happy to finally have safe place for these special treasures.


We finished off the weekend with mass, a bit of rain, taco soup, and the finale of The Newsroom. I was worried I would have a major emotional crash after a long holiday break with my family. But it’s weekends like this that make me thankful for a loving husband, great friends, and cleansing rain.

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great week.