Mask Of The Moment: Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

I’ve mentioned before that I have a mild obsession with trying and comparing face masks.  When it comes to at-home pamper nights, they are an absolute essential.

I have oily skin that is sensitive and prone to breakouts. My skincare routine is a delicate balance between cleansing and toning and healthy hydration. In my most recent mask-capades, I picked up one of Lush’s best selling fresh face masks: Cupcake.


The sweet girl at the store informed me that the spearmint oil it contains will have a cooling effect on the skin; the vanilla absolute will calm redness and Rhassoul mud will aid in cleansing any active breakouts. Also, it smells like chocolate cake batter. I know. Now I have your attention!

I was a bit surprised by the tingling sensation that happened moments after I applied a layer of the mask, but it quickly turned into a cooling, cleansing feeling that was really pleasant. I kept the mask on for about ten minutes, then removed it with a wet cloth.


I have to say, I’m a fan! One pot will set you back about $7 which, when it comes to pamper products, is certainly on the cheaper end of things. This is a fresh mask, so it has to remain in the refrigerator — only adding to that cooling and refreshing experience!


If you have oily skin and are prone to breakouts, I can’t recommend this product enough. Also, since it’s Lush, it’s cruelty free and only contains the freshest of ingredients.

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