Kale And Basil Pesto

I don’t remember kale when I was growing up. As the daughter of a doctor and a nurse, I like to think I grew up eating some pretty healthy meals. But kale? Never heard of it until about three years ago.

Kale is a hearty cabbage relative that is trendy and very good for you.  Not only is it loaded with nutrients, it provides these nutrients in such a way that your body can utilize them to an amazing extent! For today’s recipe I thought I would add it into an Italian classic: basil pesto.

Kale and Basil Pesto

You will need:

2 cups fresh basil

1 cup raw kale

⅓ cup pine nuts

2 cloves of garlic

⅓ cup olive oil

You can also add a handful of parmesan cheese if you like!

Blend all of your ingredients in a food processor until smooth.


You can add this to a bowl of pasta for a quick and delicious dinner! It’s also amazing on a toasted piece of bread with a few tomatoes for a light lunch.

The kale adds an earthiness to the traditional pesto that is absolutely delicious. You won’t even know you’re getting a serving of healthy greens!


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