Five Dollar Favs: Trader Joe’s

As per usual while on my weekly grocery haul, I popped down the wine aisle to grab a few bottles to enjoy during the coming weeks. As I reached for some favorites, I realized most were under five dollars a bottle! I thought I would share them with you today. They are great go-tos for an impromptu girls night or a classy gift in a pinch!


If you’re looking for something refreshing, light, and perfect with fish or chicken, you can’t go wrong with this Pinot Grigio from Geatano D’Aquino. With a slight tartness and notes of peach and green apple, this is a great wine for those new to the vino scene!


Don’t let the words “table wine” fool you. This simple French red is an amazing bottle for the price! It doesn’t have an overwhelming nose to it and is amazing right out of the bottle — and it gets even smoother if you have time to let it breathe before serving! I would pair this with a hearty beef stew or pot roast.



This Argentinian Malbec is medium bodied with notes of dark fruit and a bit of earthiness. I would serve this with a cheese board that features hard cheeses, or a spicy dinner of tacos or beef enchiladas!

Do you have any budget-friendly wine recommendations? I’m always on the hunt…