High School Hats

My style has definitely changed since high school. Let’s just say in those years I was more into gigantic Jordan-esque sneakers and dying my hair blue. That’s not to say I don’t have a few things from those days that still make it into my weekly wardrobe rotation. Enter, the slouchy beanie.


I’ve had this hat since freshman year of high school. It’s boho, insanely comfortable, and I feel like I would blend in in the hippest of neighborhoods. Plus, my husband really digs it.


Sateen Jeggings: American Eagle | T-Shirt: Forever21 | Boots: Restricted (TJMaxx) | Bag: UrbanBagShop (Etsy) | Sweater: Tobi | Hat: Target


There have been many a spring clean when I’ve considered donating it. But then I throw it on my head and it instantly pulls some of my favorite pieces together. Like this sateen finished pair of American Eagle jeggings and this massive sweater. They’d be nothing without a little dash of skater girl sass.



Do you have any items in your closet from years ago? Do you still wear them?